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Food Service Equipment & Services in Ohio County, WV

For over 65 years, National Equipment Co. has been the premier full service equipment and supply dealer in the area, providing a wide range of products and services for restaurants and other food service facilities. As a family owned company, we recognize the need for quality products and exemplary customer service – both of which are our highest priorities! You can depend on us to supply you with excellent restaurant and kitchen equipment as well as expert installation and repair services.

From small kitchen and dinnerware to large commercial equipment,
National Equipment Co. is here to provide you with the best!

From Bar Glasses to Cooking Utensils, Trust National Equipment

For restaurants, bakeries, bars, grills, and any other food service establishment, National Equipment Co. offers a wide range of products and services. From bar glasses to cooking utensils to commercial refrigeration services, we have it all! For the professional baker, the home chef, and everyone in between, National Equipment Co. can provide you with the newest technologies and the most reliable equipment on the market.

As a food service industry expert, National Equipment, Co. also offers excellent facility planning and design services as well as project management, both on-site and off. For the best professional expertise in the area, call us at 888-286-2086!

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